Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sangria saturday

On Saturday I woke up early and hangover-less.  Delighted to have so many hours in my day, I decided that such a beautiful day warrented some time spent out in the sunshine.  And it was sunny.  Eilidh, Bill and I walked to the Bilkent Starbucks and enjoyed out coffee on the patio.  It's March 19 and we're in t-shirts, enjoying the sun.  THIS is why I moved to Turkey.  You simply can't beat the weather (unless you move to Australia, Thailand or the Caribbean...which I plan to).  Winters are short and bearable, I can count the times I put on my winter coat on one hand.  The rest of the time you just need a light fall / spring jacket.  After coffee, E and I head to Real (the grocery store) to stock up on groceries and the supplies needed for sangria.  I have an orange squeezer, which,  along with the help of my arm muscles, produces delicious fresh orange juice.  Three large oranges produces about a cup of juice, which is enough for sangria.  Add red wine, sprite and cut up pieces of fruit to this orange juice and you've got a delicious summer beverage.  And it really felt summer-ish on Saturday.

Because it's 5 o'clock somewhere...
For the Nacho Ladies :)
E and I sat on my balcony, ate nachos and olives and drank sangria until it was too cold to stay out any longer.  We had until about 4pm until the chilly breeze forced us into the appartment.  Not too bad for the 19th March.


  1. Kirbie...Glad you had a good day with your friends. The food and drinks look delicious. We couldn't sit out on our deck on March 19th! Keep on enjoying Turkey, before you know it you will be home again! Love MOM

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