Sunday, April 24, 2011

I left my heart in Bodrum...

This time last year, I was 'stranded' on the coast of Greece due to the volcanic ash that forced airports to close the airspace all over Europe.  I gained an extra weeks' holiday and did nothing but lay in the sun, eat delicious food and drink delicious wine.  I remember sitting on the beach up until the very last second that it was time to get into the taxi to take us to the airport.  I wanted to cry.  It's so hard to go back home. 

I had the same feeling when I had to left the Paloma Yasmin in Bodrum.  Life in a sunny, warm, seaside, all-inclusive resort is so incredibly luxurious and easy, it's hard to go back to mundalities that is real life.  I look up at the cloudy, Ankara sky and wonder exactly I decided to move to the capital of Turkey (while the weather here is paradise here in comparison to Canada, it's not the Mediterranean).

One of the resorts three pools.  Paradise!

I spent a week in a Junior Executive Suite in a 5 star all inclusive resort in Bodrum with Laurel, Mandy and Amy.  We had a fantastic time.  Every morning, there was a cute Turkish man to make us omelets, and by the time we had finished them, the sun was hot enough to lay out on the resort's private beach and shortly after, order a pina colada.

Our favourite animateur!
Addicted to travelling, I have spent sometime contemplating exactly which kind of travelling I prefer.  Exhausted from my year of early morning flights, hostels and carrying a backpack, by the time I got to Turkey I was ready for something else.  I no longer care if I play tourist, or see everything the city has to offer.  Is there much point in running all over a foreign city just to snap a few photogs of some famous monument?  I'm not sure anymore.  What do I like to do when visiting a foreign city?  Eat in small, local cafes, drink in small local bars and pubs and just enjoy.  Enjoy the view, the food, the beverage and hopefully meet a few cool locals.

One of the few times we left the resort.  We took a bus into Bodrum (town center) to check out the markets, harbour and Starbucks.
 On this vacation, I did not come close to seeing everything Bodrum had to offer.  Not even close.  I didn't even take advantage of everything the Paloma Yasmin had to offer, as there were Turkish cooking and Zumba classes (among many other activities) that I skipped in favour of a good book and the sunshine.  But I did completely relax, and fall in love with the rhythm of resort life.

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  1. Kirbie...Looks like you went to a very nice place on your all-inclusive. Glad you had a nice time! Love MOM