Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snow day

Well, it's day two of my snow days from school in Ankara.  While I had a ton of ideas on how to spend this snow day (I could learn to dance Thriller?  Build a snowman?  Get drunk and eat cheese?  Book some trips out of here?  Do an mp3 abs workout? Ahhhhh....the possibilities!)

Well, the roads are clear and Eilidh and I are suffering from lojmanlar fever, so we head to Ankuva to our favourite restaurant, Kyma, for some brunch.  Well by the time we actually get there it's lunch time.  We do a bit of grocery shopping in Real, and I pick up some baking bits, as I may get up the energy later on to make some chocolate chip cookies to bring into school tomorrow.

As there is not much going on at the moment in Ankara, I'm making plans for warmer days.  Eilidh and I plan to try out hand at homemade wine!  I've only done homemade wine at WineKitz before, but seriously?  How hard can it be to make it in our flats?  It would be brilliant to have a nice stock of wine for summer drinking on the balcony.  In Turkey, they use these pumps on the 18 litre water bottles that sit upright on your floor so you pump your water out.  Well, we're thinking of filling the bottle with wine and using the pump to pump out not water, but WINE!  The ideas you come up with on snow days...  I'm looking into booking a trip to Mediterannean Turkey (or Rhodes, or Cyprus) for April break, and I'm looking into doing my training for my first certificate in diving.  I'd like to do my training in Ankara so that I can maybe visit the underwater city of Mindos in Bodrum.  Come on Ankara, get WARMER!

Well, I think we'll be back to school tomorrow unless it storms tonight.  The roads are clear and it's pretty sunny and warm-ish outside.

How many more days until I'm drinking wine on my balcony?  Any guesses?

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  1. Hi Kirbie,
    Glad to hear you had another snow day! It is amazing how a snow day just makes everything possible! Still not as much as home, but you know what they are like. But where snow days are not a common thing, enjoy them when you can! Love Ya! Jill