Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another year in Turkey?

If you'd asked me a month or so ago if I would stay in Turkey another year, I likely would have politely declined.  Or replied something along the lines of 'Like hell.'  I had been enjoying my time here, but had also recently discovered that I really didn't like teaching English as a Second Language quite so much.  I had a blast teaching Elementary level English, but the Upper Intermediate level didn't exactly capture my heart.  Feeling more like a pseudo-professor than a teacher, teaching a variety of topics that I'm not really that interested in (the role of ethics in organ markets, anyone?), I found myself wondering why couldn't I wasn't teaching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, again? Oh, right...I'm not teaching ten year olds.  But I want to teach ten year olds!  I want to teach children!  I want the messy craft activities (I hereby apologize to the custodians at my primary school for the flour and play dough fiasco), the songs, the books, the hugs, the high fives and smiles.  I'll take the extra workload, longer hours and runny noses (I no longer mind wiping kids noses!).

So when my prayers were answered, and yes Mom, I did pray, that I could find a job at a primary school again and STAT, I began re-thinking another year in Turkey.  I love my job!  I work at a good school with an amazing team and well behaved children (well, they are a little noisy, but we've never had to call the ambulance because a kid drop-kicked another kid in a jaw like in my old school.  So I'm working on the noise level using the behaviour management techniques I picked up from working in South East London, mate).

I got some more details ironed out with regards to my 18 month contract today, so it looks like I'll be finishing out this school year, taking a nice, long 7 week summer break, and then heading back to Turkey.  Well, actually, plans are in the works to fly back to Turkey a couple weeks before school starts and go to diving school so I can explore the depths of the Mediterranean sea.  Not too shabby for Kirbie.


  1. Kiribe...Great news (I guess) that you've decided to stay another year. Glad you are enjoying the new job. Only 4 more months til you are home again. Can't wait to see you in person!!! Love You MOM

  2. Hi Kirbie, So glad things have turned out the way you were expecting with your new job! Keep up the great blogs. I really enjoy reading them! Love Ya Jill