Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Öğretmenler Günü

They really do respect their teachers in Turkey.  November 24 is 'Öğretmenler Günü', which means 'Teacher's Day', in Turkey.  In honor of this occasion, BUSEL, the English School department of my university put on a beautiful lunch for its teachers.  The fancy linens were pulled out, soft jazz music was played and, oh yes, there was wine AND baklava!  While Teacher's Day is not yet a national holiday (and will likely never be one) we did get to have a beautiful lunch and an extended lunch break.  My friend's son's school was being let out early today so that their teachers could go home and get ready for their dinner at the very fancy Bilkent Hotel.  Teachers all around the school were hugging each other and wishing each other a Happy Teacher's Day / İyi Öğretmenler Günü.

Some of my Teaching Unit (plus Eilidh, Colleen and Cynthia) at the teacher's lunch. (Photo by Ray Wiggin)

All of this celebration made me wonder how we celebrate teachers in the other countries that I've taught in...I remember various sweets being brought in from parents to schools I taught at in my hometown in Canada to celebrate the seems to me that Teacher's Day is celebrated in the Spring in Canada.  I don't remember any mention on Teacher's Day in England  This is not surprising, considering the utter lack of respect that English people have towards the people who are educating / raising future generations of English people.  I sound bitter, but it's actually the honest truth.  You don't notice it until you see how very respected your profession is in another country and then you think 'Boy, are we ever doing it wrong...'.  Educating children (and adults) is one of the most difficult professions there is out there, but also one of the most rewarding, and the people who dare take up this daunting task should be respected and rewarded for their efforts.  The Turks really do it right here.

Eilidh, Me, Laurel and Colleen celebrating Teacher's Day. (Photo by Ray Wiggin)

In other news, I have been given my task for the next course.  I will be teaching Pre-Intermediate students, so there's a chance that I'll get to teach some of my former, lovely, students again, as they're moving up to Pre-Intermediate level as well!  We have some lovely, hardworking, mature students in this group, so teaching this group again is going to be great.

For all you teachers out there...İyi Öğretmenler Günü!


  1. Kirbie...Looks like it was a lovely luncheon! Good luck with your new class on Monday! Love MOM

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