Wednesday, August 18, 2010

this blog...

The purpose of this blog is to track my journey of teaching, travelling and living in Turkey.  While my efforts at blogging in the past have been less than successful, I really do want to make an effort to do this for two reasons:  Firstly, I want a way to remember all of the amazing things I'm going to experience this year and secondly, I'm hoping this will be a convienent way to keep contact with all of my friends and family back in Canada.

I encourage people to ask questions and make comments on this blog, which will hopefully make it more interactive than just a diary.  It also might encourage me to update more frequently.

The flight to Turkey (and this is a long one) is from Moncton to Montreal to Munich to Ankara, all of which I've done before, just not strung together in so many hours.  I leave from Moncton at 4pm and will arrive in Ankara at 3pm (their time, which is 6 hours ahead of NB).  I'm just about finished packing my two bags and backpacks filled with clothes, shoes and a year's supply of tampons and getting ready to say goodbye to friends and family for nearly a whole year.

It's not long now...


  1. ok, you definitely need to explain the tampon thing

  2. @ Amie
    Because Turkey is a Muslim country, tampons very difficult (almost impossible!) to find. I packed a year's supply with me so I won't have to go without! :)